Why Shop Here!

Why visit our site? Why shop at our store? Because we want to help you make sense of the future and make money from that knowledge.

Our site is not for profit. We hope to make enough money from online store sales, memberships, and donations that we can continue offering this service for years to come, and create a community to drive it forward long after we’re gone. Regardless, the purpose of this website is to encourage you. To inspire your imagination and to help you come up with ideas for products you can make and sell, and learn how to do just that. The internet, social media, and modern technologies like 3d printing enable you to become a self-actualized entrepreneur: To start your own business, make a good living, and ultimately to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Many business models are being created and are evolving in this Singularity environment. As you probably realize, many of these are based on internet and social media shopping. Many are trying to make money on pass-through sales with commissions, the “influencer” approach. In some ways, our store is attempting to leverage this same concept to support our efforts. If we become “influencers”, our readers may look to us for advice on products, and purchase them through our links.

Lots of people have made money with this approach, and you can find people leveraging what they’ve learned to market you with that information. Become an influencer! Make six figure incomes selling products you like! Build Click Funnels for high income! And so on and so forth.

We are not those people. We see these as all jobs in marketing and sales, not technology. Don’t get me wrong. Marketing and sales are great jobs, and among the highest paying jobs around. Andin truth, we must all market and sell to make money, whether selling our boss on an idea, or promoting ourselves with a good interview to get a job.

But not everyone wants a job in marketing and sales. And even if you do, unless you can work your way into the big influencer ranks, you may be working for someone else. Doing what someone else wants. On someone else’s schedule.

A popular approach for people who have ideas and access to the first technologies of the Singularity has been to create a business model that is an online version of an older one. It is essentially Malthusian, because it assumes limited resources. It makes money by extracting it from the value chain of business, usually at the expense of those furthest down the pyramid. In other words, making money on other people’s efforts. Capitalism with roots in feudalism at it’s finest. Uber did it, Amazon did it, and those in this reference article ( ) are doing it. They make money by starting a business which people patronize. They make more money by expanding and hiring workers, because they profit from other people’s work. Thus, big business makes a lot more money than a small business. But if you can make enough money for your needs and wants, on your time table, from your own assets and efforts, then you won’t need those low paying, abusive jobs—or bosses that take advantage of you.

We want you to carve out your own niche. Create and make your own products, marketing and selling them online. Products that you can believe in and convince others of their value. Profit on what you, your family, and close associates can make and sell, and keep those profits for yourselves. Get out of the rat race and start your own business! We see a possible future of individual creators and entrepreneurs, not giant faceless corporations with serfs. Join us in imagining a better future and let’s have fun doing it!

This is the Singularity. The tools are here and the only thing that can keep you from success is your own motivation. We can help with ideas, methods, and community. Take charge of your life. Get motivated. Start creating. Start building. Power to the Makers!