Steve Adcock

Steve Adcock

Principal: Vector Ring LLC; Resource Evaluations LLC

Senior Editor, Founder : STEAMWonk

President: Vector Ring, Resource Evaluations

Contributor: Science, Physics, Technology, Philosophy, Business, Data Management, IT, AI, WebsiteDesign, Innovation, Innovation Management, Patent Reviews

Steve is an exploration geophysicist out of Houston, TX with degrees in Physics, Geology, and Geophysics. His first business was the independent wholesale food distribution company in which he was raised. His current interests are SMASIS technologies and (always) Exploration Geophysics

I grew up in the food business, but loved science fiction. Read it so much I got in trouble for it. One thing led to another (the crowd you run with, ya know?), and I ended up studying Physics with aspirations of becoming a rocket scientist. I was particularly into fusion, as I had decided that it was our best solution to cyclic energy crises. As a short-term solution I was going to become a nuclear engineer. And along came 3 mile island! No jobs there anymore and a downturn in the aerospace industry shut off that option as well. I still had a year and most of my fellow physics students bailed (found out they could graduate a year early in math!), leaving myself and 2 fellow seniors to take the place of all the missing seniors and fleeing grad students. It was great! We got our own office from the missing grads, and since they were short of help we got to assist in lots of ongoing experiments in place of those grad students

It’s a long story from there to finding a passion for seismic stratigraphy in petroleum exploration, but I did and got to study with the biggest names in the field. Another great experience. I succeeded and prospered in the oil and gas industry and was identified as one of the Mitchell Energy Barnett Shale Team to receive a prestigious achievement award. I’ve had a great life, and now I want to pass on some of the things I’ve learned. This website seemed like a good way to attempt that.

Since changing the world didn’t work out like I thought it would, I’ll try a different approach and hope for better results. I’ve always loved material science, a favorite in Physics and one of the reasons I was drawn to geology. I’ve fallen in with the smart material crowd these days and now hope to convey the things I’ve learned, am still learning, and share all the fun I’ve had.

– Memberships and Affiliations

  • American Association of Petroleum Geologists(AAPG)
    • Certified Petroleum Geologist#6258
    • Certified Petroleum Geophysicist#143
  • Society of Exploration Geophysicists(SEG
  • Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES#3398)
  • European Associationof Geoscientists and Engineers(EAGE)
  • Houston Geological Society(HGS)
  • Houston Geophysical Society(GSH)
  • Texas Professional Geophysicist (#4731, retired)
  • Saudi Aramco Leadership Forum 2005 (SALF #45)
  • Past Memberships (ARMA, IRMA, DGS,GCAGS, ETXGS,The Woodland’s Writer’s Guild…)

– Contributions to Field

  • Recipient, Spirit of ECC 2013(
  • Organizer and Session Chair, multiple professional events
  • Recipient,1stplace,Golden TriangleUnpublishedWriter’sAward
  • Instructor and Presenter (multiple workshops and classes)

– Some Publications and Presentations

Petroleum Exploration and Production Risk Assessment

– Oct 2018  Journal of Petroleum Resources Economics

Free and Open Source Data and Software for Geoscientists

– Feb 2018  Presentation to the Society of Independent Petroleum Earth Scientists

Fault and Fracture Detection in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Utica Shale Study

– Aug 2016  Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC)

Interpretation Visualization in the Petroleum Industry

– Organizer and Chair for AAPG Hedberg Research Conference, June 2-5, 2014, Houston, TX

Seismic Technologies and their Application to Reservoir Characterization

– July 16-17, 2013, AAPG GTW: Geomechanics and Reservoir Characterization of Shales and Carbonates; Baltimore, MD

Application and Seismic Recognition of a New Permian-Carboniferous Exploration Paradigm: Unayzah C Glacial Paleovalleys, Ghawar Field, Eastern Saudi Arabia

– Mar 2008, GEO 2008, 8th Middle East Geoscience Conference and Exhibition, Bahrain

Exploration Data Management at Saudi Aramco: Making Data Pay

– Mar 2006, GEO 2006, 7th Middle East Geoscience Conference and Exhibition, Bahrain

Knowledge Management for Carbonate Reservoirs

– Mar 2004, GEO 2004, 6th Middle East Geoscience Conference and Exhibition, Bahrain

Petroleum Information Management at Mitchell Energy

– 1997, Oral Presentation

Petroleum MIS – An Overview

– 1997, Oral Presentation

In Search of the Well Tie: What if I don’t have a Sonic Log?

– Dec 1993, The Leading Edge