STEAMWONK is a “pay it forward” project to help people understand and use emerging tech, especially SMASIS technologies (Smart Materials, Activated Structures, Intelligent Systems).It is an effort of love. We have been working to release this concept content website for over two years. The majority of the material you see will have been written by this team. Our goal is to promote new technology that can improve our lives. Over time, additional copyrighters will join us and the richness of our content will grow. We will fund it as long as we can, and hope that participants will enjoy what we offer enough to help pay the bills. Please buy from our shop to support our work, and buy our authors a cup of coffee for their efforts on your behalf. Enjoy.

Steve Adcock

Principal: Vector Ring LLC; Resource Evaluations LLC

Senior Editor, Founder : STEAMWonk

President: Vector Ring, Resource Evaluations

Contributor: Science, Physics, Technology, Philosophy, Business, Data Management, IT, AI, WebsiteDesign, Innovation, Innovation Management, Patent Reviews

Steve is an exploration geophysicist out of Houston, TX with degrees in Physics, Geology, and Geophysics. His first business was the independent wholesale food distribution company in which he was raised. His current interests are SMASIS technologies and (always) Exploration Geophysics

Jeff Steele

Professor, Multidisciplinary Studies, Principia College

Co-Founder / Editor: STEAMWonk

Producing Director: Bankside Repertory Theatre Co.

AcademicFellow: INADR (International Academy of Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Contributor: Theater, Art, Education, Literature & Media

Dr. Steele is a professional performing artist who has also been fortunate enough to experience the magic of teaching at a variety of levels. Maintaining a balance between campus activities and professional engagements, Steele has the best of both worlds: the performing arts in education and the practical experience of the public arena.

Tad Calkins

Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing Research & Technology COL (retired) US Army

Co-Founder / Editor: STEAMWonk

Co-Director: National Guard Innovation Team
Contributor: Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Technology, Innovation, Innovation
Management, Patent Reviews

Tad is an innovation leader, inventor, instructor, and futurist. A member of the Technical Fellowship at Boeing, he is a Subject Matter Expert and leader in smart materials and smart/adaptive structures and systems technologies. This includes developing Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) actuators and supporting technology that provides new capability to military and commercial aircraft. He has been awarded over30 US patents and authored over 80 articles and books. Tad is Co-Director of the National Guard Innovation Team and was an invited attendee for the reinstigation of the Toeffler Future Shock Forums.