Protective Goggle’s


Light weight safety goggles for your active and experimenting youngster. Teach them good habits. “DeBug” their outdoor experiences. Keep the vision clear.



Type : Medical Goggles

Color : Transparent

Material : Soft Polyethylene plastic

Lens : Polycarbonate(PC)

Certification : FDA Certificate / CE Certificate

1 x Medical Goggle

With vents, anti-fog, anti-scratch, impact-resistant, anti-splash, dustproof, windproof.

Impact-resistant, lens is made of PC and can stand 45m/s speed impact.

The frame is made of soft PVC for more comfortable wearing and full protection for your eyes.

Effectively protect your eyes when there is liquid splashing in the workplace or outdoor.

Adjustable head belt, tightness can be adjusted, suitable for different head sizes.

Goggles have enough space to allow you to wear both goggles and myopic glasses while working.

Suitable for laboratories, construction sites, operating rooms, industrial production, etc.


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